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Level 2 Endorsement Timeline


July 8
Registration ends and tuition is due
shortly after July 8
Receive your mentor assignment
shortly after July 8
Your mentor contacts you to establish meeting times
July 22
Last day to submit the YouTube link of your PRE-INSTRUCTION VIDEO to the mentor
before sessions start
Mentor sends you comments on your pre-instruction video and makes recommendations for the post-instruction video
once sessions start
Choose your Teaching Evaluation student and inform your mentor
July 29 - August 2
instruction week
Coordinator emails you the Zoom link for the Teaching Evaluation and evaluation time assignments
instruction week
Confirm your evaluation time with your student and send them the Zoom link (if not teaching another candidate)
August 3
August 10
Submit the YouTube link of your POST-INSTRUCTION VIDEO to the mentor
August 17
Upload your JOURNAL using the Dropbox link sent by the coordinator
by end of August
Answer the Survey sent by the coordinator
Mentor sends you feedback on your Teaching Evaluation, Post-Instruction Video and Journal, informing you of passing or incomplete status
Digital certificates are emailed to those successfully completing Level 2
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